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Case 1

A 30 year old female software engineer met with a road traffic accident and severely broke 3 upper front teeth.

Treatment done: Emergency dental care

  • removal of fractured fragment of one the upper front teeth.
  • RCT wrt all three front teeth as vitality was in question.
  • CERCON ( Zirconia ) 3 unit crowns were done matching the shade with the adjacent lateral incisor. Also taking the reference of pre accident photographs for the shape and size of the teeth and maintain the natural appearance.

Case 2

A 65 year old female patient had lost all infected teeth before the cancer treatment. Hence she had also lost her upper 4 front teeth.

Treatment done : 6 Unit (for upper 6 Front Teeth) Lava (3M ESPE) bridge is made. The shade and the shape of the teeth is matched appropriately. The patient is quite happy with her new teeth. Her family feels she has gotten younger by 10 years in appearance.

Case 3

A 50 year old male patient had a broken front tooth which was treated by RCT 10 years back and had gone for a crown then. The crown was completely discoloured and patient wanted to change the same.

Treatment done : A single unit CERCON crown was made to match perfectly with his adjacent central incisor which is very crucial in a single unit Central incisor case. He says ” I couldn’t make which of my tooth is artificial anymore”

Case 4

A 36 year old female patient had to go for crowns for the 2 front teeth 6 years back due to deep cavities . She had done a metal ceramic crowns which were joined together and the metal margin was very obvious and evident which gave an unaesthetic appearance . Also the short lip made it look worse.

Treatment done: The old metal ceramic crowns were removed. As one of the tooth was totally discoloured, RCT was indicated. 2 unit eMax ( Ivocular Vivadent ) crowns were made and cemented with perfect margins.