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Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal?

Root canalRoοt-Canal treatment (RCT), also simply called as root canal, involves removing infected tissue from your tooth, cleaning it and then filling it to prevent further damage or infection.

Why is it needed?

The aim of root canal treatment is to save a tooth that has been badly damaged due to decay, disease or injury.

Is it very painful?

Root canal treatment is one of those phrases that usually inspires fear in many dental patients. However, modern root canal treatment is now far easier for patients to undergo. Modern equipment and facilities make it much easier, less intrusive and less painful.

Advantages of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment can help you save the natural tooth and can enable in effective chewing, natural look, normal biting and protection of other teeth from stress.

CallWant to know more?
Root canal treatment is a routine procedure carried out at Dental Den. Our dentists and endodontists will be happy to do it for you. If you do not treat your tooth infection on time, it may lead to pain or formation of an abscess. To save your tooth from a recent or repeated infection, contact us using the contact info below or dial our 24 hours helpline +91-7813030777.