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Gum Treatment

Are you spitting blood while brushing your teeth? This can be serious. Bleeding gums could be the beginning of Gingivitis, more popularly known as “GUM DISEASE”.

gumdiseaseWhy do gums bleed? And, what’s the cure for it?

Inadequate care for gums over a period of time (such as improper brushing or not rinsing your mouth after every meal) can cause excessive formation of germs on gums. This in turn can lead to bleeding gums. Gingivitis is common, but a preventable disease. If gingivitis not treated in time, it can leads to Red swollen gingiva, tartar, bone loss around the tooth and tooth mobility. All these are the signs of periodontitis in which ligament and bone supporting teeth become infected. Periodontitis need scaling and root planting and immediate attention of your dentist for surgical and non surgical treatment for your gums otherwise it can lead to tooth loss.

What is sensitivity?

Sensitivity is a problem where we get a sharp pain in our teeth whenever we consume something hot (such as tea or coffee) or cold (ice-cream or soda).This can also be due to gum disease.

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Gum disease has few symptoms until it becomes severe. Please note that pain is not a symptom until the disease is advanced. By that stage it may be too late and the tooth may already be loose. To avoid such a situation, we encourage you to contact us at Dental Den and our experts will help you get healed from the disease. Contact Dental Den using the contact info below or dial our 24 hours helpline +91-7813030777.